Wherever they are. Wherever they go. The Exchange is in its second century serving our military and retired military customers as well as their dependents all over the world, wherever they serve.
spouse continuity

The Exchange is eager and happy to employ military spouses and is a lead partner with the Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP). Spouses are familiar with us and with other military families in a special way. Military spouses understand the challenges faced by their peers in everyday life and can form a special bond with our guests. It's a great fit.

Take It With You

Being a part of a military family isn't the easiest thing in the world. Working for the Exchange can help out with some of the challenges. While there are some guidelines, the Exchange can help you keep a job when you transition from location to location. Take advantage of our Spouse Continuity program instead of resigning when it’s time to PCS. We may be able to help you continue employment at your new location if you

  • want a position in the same category (full time, part time, intermittent).
  • are PCSing with your sponsor.
  • have 6 months Exchange service.
  • have a rating of Satisfactory or higher on the most recent performance evaluation.