Q: How do I apply for deployment?

A: If positions are available, they will be located on the Management section of the Employment web site.

Q: How long has AAFES been around?

A: In 1895 the War Department issued General Order number 46 directing post commanders to establish an exchange at every post, where practicable.

Q: How big is AAFES?

A: There are more than 45,000 associates working for AAFES around the world. AAFES operates some 160 retail stores and 2,063 fast food restaurants, such as Taco Bell, Burger King, Popeyes and Cinnabon. AAFES also provides military communities with convenience, specialty stores and movie theaters on installations worldwide, including locations in Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom.

Q: Can I choose where and what I apply for?

A: Yes! Entry level jobs can be applied for based on several criteria.

1st select:

2nd select:

Q: When can I start?

A: Once you have been selected and the application and interview process is complete, a background check must be done. Upon receipt of a satisfactory background report, the local HR office will schedule an orientation. This process generally takes 3-5 working days, but may take longer in certain situations.

Q: Is AAFES international?

A: AAFES operates more than 3,100 facilities worldwide, in more than 30 countries, five U.S. territories and 49 states.