AAFES Corporate Profile


AAFES' mission is to provide quality merchandise and services at uniformly low prices to active duty military, Guard and Reserve members, military retirees and family members, regardless of where they're stationed and to donate 100 percent of earnings back to our customers for quality of life programs and modern places to shop. These contributions to the soldier and airman and their families make AAFES a major non-pay benefit to customers.

AAFES is charged with making a profit, but returns every cent of its earnings to customers. The only Congressionally appropriated money spent in AAFES comes in the form of utilities and transportation of merchandise to overseas exchanges and for military salaries. A nonappropriated fund activity (NAF) of the Department of Defense, AAFES funds 98% of its operating budget (civilian employee salaries, inventory investments, utilities and capital investments for equipment, vehicles and facilities) from the sale of merchandise, food and services to customers.

More than 70% of AAFES earnings are paid to Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Programs. In the past 10 years more than $1.93 billion has been contributed by AAFES to the Army and Air Force to spend on quality of life improvements for soldiers, airmen and their families--libraries, sports programs, swimming pools, youth activities, tickets and tour services, bowling centers, hobby shops, music programs, outdoor facilities and unit functions.

AAFES is also a major source of employment for members of the Army and Air Force family. More than 44% of the 55,600 AAFES associates are military family members. Many associates have worked for years with AAFES as they've moved from one installation to another with their military sponsors. Another 6% of associates are military members who work part time in exchanges during their off duty hours.

AAFES operates around 10,500 facilities worldwide, supporting 25 separate businesses in 25 countries and overseas areas, and in every state in the union. These include 1,423 retail facilities--171 are main stores or shopping centers--and close to 200 are military clothing stores on Army, Air Force, and Marine installations around the world.

AAFES is in business to serve soldiers, airmen and their families around the world. As we enter our second century of service, AAFES is dedicated to adding to the quality of life of our customers and serving as a partner with the Army, Air Force and the MWR community


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